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The Silkolene range of motorcycle lubricants is one of the largest available. This means that there is a product to suit you, whatever type of bike you have and whatever you use it for. Silkolene lubricants are constantly developed with race teams at the highest level of competition to ensure that they can deal with the greatest levels of stress that a motorcycle will ever endure.


Putoline Oil has developed into a worldwide, leading brand in the industry of motorbike lubricants and maintenance products. Its success is based on high quality in combination with a very comprehensive, attractive product line.

Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions. At the very heart of its success you’ll find its core values: technology leader, winning, passionate & exciting, superior performance.

Engine oil

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-silkolene super 2

-silkolene super 4 10W-40

-motorex 2T motoroil

-motorex 4T 15W-50




-20W-50=semi synthetic

-putoline MX5 2 stroke

-putoline  MX7 2 stroke 

-off road premix

-classic SAE 50 

-classic SAE 30

-4T 15W-50 power protection 

Lubricants & other fluids 


-chain lubricant 

-pro chain lubricant 

-silkolene foam filter oil

-silkolene foam filter cleaner 

-air filter fluid 

-rock oil fell enhancer 

-silkolene octane improver 

-silkolene mag cool

-engine coolant 


-high perfromance maintain spray 

-ST 90

-rockoil gear box racing oil 

-gear oil

-80W-90 gear oil 

-silkolene ST30 non ep gear oil 

-silkolene classic 2 stroke oil 

-SVI 5 --->20 suspension fluids 

-Mineral clutch fluid 

-Dot 4 fluid 

Cleaning products 

-silkolene wash off bike cleaning spray 

-dirt blaster 

-carb and air intake cleaner 

-solvent degreaser

-autosol chrome cleaner 

-anti fog spray

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