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Royal Alloy GT AC

GT 125i AC 


Representing the best value in the Royal Alloy scooter range is the GT 125i AC model. It weighs in at a mere
130KG, due largely to its lightweight plastic body. The Royal Alloy GT has the modern consumer in its
sights. It’s for those looking for an easy ride with modern reliability and a quality finish. Powered by a lively
(and CBT friendly) 9.5 BHP, 2 valve SOHC engine which gives enough power for most city-based users.
There are plenty of colour options to choose from too. Updated for 2019 with full cast metal headset,
improved re-designed speedometer unit, and headlamp assembly. All journeys start somewhere and for
Royal Alloy it is the GT 125i AC. A generous 1390mm of wheelbase combined with 110/70/12 & 120/70/12
profile tyres amply dampened front and rear by 4 shock absorbers, gives a sturdy, responsive feel that belies
the value for money price tag and gives much more expensive machines a run for the money

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